Driver 396.37- black screen after rotating left or right (RHEL 7.5)

I recently upgraded to driver v396.37 on my RHEL 7.5 workstation. The new driver doesn’t appear to support rotating a monitor left or right:

xrand -o left
# Expected behavior: rotated screen left
# Actual behavior: screen goes black

The same behavior can be observed after rotating the screen using the default GNOME display GUI. The attached bug report was generated while GDM was set to debug mode.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (222 KB)

I can confirm the same problem on a Centos 7 system, using xfce, with the same driver (396.37). Inversion also causes the monitor to go black. Other monitors remain fine (if not rotated) and the monitor is receiving a signal (one of “black”) at the correct resolution.

Wasn’t 396.37 only released with CUDA 9.2? You should try the official version 396.45.

@chemal: I’m using a CUDA specific driver because the workstation has two graphics cards - one for the display (Quadro M4000) and one for compute (Tesla K40).

Is this still the correct forum, or, is there a better place for this bug report?

I suggest you use the latest official graphics driver that supports CUDA 9.2 if you want to do both CUDA and graphics. That’s 396.45 at the moment, which reports: CUDA Driver Version 9.2. I have always done it this way on a machine with some Teslas that is used for both CUDA and VirtualGL. All my collected CUDA SDKs from 9.2 down to 5.0 work with 396.45.

I wouldn’t know, but my guess is that nobody cares if some driver only shipped with CUDA has a non-CUDA bug.

I can confirm this bug on a Ubuntu 16.04 with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with multiple window managers.
The bug also apperars when two displays are active: When the second screen is rotated, it turns black and the first screen (as well as the whole UI) freezes up. After that it outputs about one frame every ~20 seconds.