Driver (510.47.03) for A100 Performance Regression

On Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

Profiling a CUDA application with ncu using the CUDA driver 510.47.03 shows that the SM frequency has been capped at 765MHz. This has caused a performance regression for many CUDA applications due to upgrading the driver. Trying to fix this with:

sudo nvidia-smi --application-clocks=1215,1410

Does not make a difference in the SM frequency reported by ncu. However it does fix the performance regression that is otherwise observed when running latest driver. (Running without profiling)

The output of nvidia-smi -q -i 0 (after the above command) shows:

Applications Clocks
        Graphics                          : 1410 MHz
        Memory                            : 1215 MHz
    Default Applications Clocks
        Graphics                          : 765 MHz
        Memory                            : 1215 MHz

If there is some rationale for the capped frequency value please let me know. Hopefully this behavior would be fixed and the default applications clocks for graphics should be 1410MHz.