Driver Installs - 418.56-1 and 470.103.01 Red Hat 7.9 - fail to load

We’ve tried to install two different drivers on a machine running Red Hat 7.9 with the latest patch set. We’ve followed the instructions and blacklisted the Nouveau driver in GRUB. The .run file prompted us about having a key (we need to us to boot as UEFI and with secure boot) and we answered the question which then allowed us to proceed with what appears to be a successful install.

After rebooting, we no longer get the graphical login.

Digging around the /var/log area it mentions that nvidia.ko couldn’t be loaded and it has something to do with Secure Boot, but it also says it will proceed to boot up.

We’ve done some searches in google and the general advice is to disable secure boot - that is not an option for us.

Does NVIDIA have a version of the driver that is signed to avoid this issue? This will happen each time there is a kernel update, how can this be avoided if patching is automated?

The model of the graphics card is a NVS 510 GK107.

I don’t know of a signed driver for RHEL 7, I guess you’ll have to create your own certs, enroll them and then use dkms to auto-sign the modules on kernel/driver updates.