driver_type.h not found


I just installed cuDNN 6 today and am trying to execute some tests in Theano. However, I’m getting the below error message:

‘Can not use cuDNN on context None: cannot compile with cuDNN. We got this error:
In file included from /tmp/try_flags_OrguJA.c:4:0:
/usr/include/cudnn.h:63:26: fatal error: driver_types.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.’

Where can I find the driver_types.h file and where is it supposed to be?

it’s supposed to be in /usr/local/cuda/include

I found the file in /usr/local/cuda-8.0/targets/x86_64-linux/include/. Is it just this one file that I need to move the whole directory that needs moving?

For the reference if anyone stucks with the same issue on Tegra,

For old L4T of version e.g. 24.2 the file driver_types.h is the part of deb cuda-misc-headers-8-0 if installed cuda version is 8.
Also for this old L4T 24.2 cudnn may be downloaded from here:

Hi nVidia team,

I’ve just discovered that follow link
an x86_64 tgz file placed instead of aarch64.
Could you please fix this?


Hi guys,
How to fix it finally? I meet the same problem.

Copy all headers from /usr/local/cuda/include to /usr/include/ where there are cudnn headers.

cp -r /usr/local/cuda/include/* /usr/include/

It worked for me.