drop-frame-interval reduces FPS

I am able run a single stream at 75 fps on Xavier with the pgie interval=0. But when I enable drop-frame-interval=5 from the source group [source0],the FPS comes down to 54. The same trend continues for multiple sources also.

Ideally, drop-frame-interval should increase the FPS right? Or does it mean that perf-measurment does not take into account the frames dropped at source itself?

drop-frame-interval is property of decoder.

“the FPS comes down to 54.” — How do you measure fps ? It will drop frames from decoder output, but decoder has to decode every frame.

I measure FPS using the inbuilt enable-perf-measurement=1 in the [application] group. Drop-frame-interval is the property of the decoder and so it shouldnt bring down the performance of the pgie right?

I got 75 FPS when drop-frame-interval=0 - which means pgie was able to process 75 frames per second when the decoder did not drop anything.
When drop-frame-interval=5 I got 54 fps which means pgie was able to process 54 frames per second when the decoder took only every fifth frame.

So ideally, when the decoder drops, shouldnt the pgie have only less frames to process? Why would the performance come down from 75 to 54?

Can you get the workload of DEC ? I guess the DEC workload in second case is full.

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