Dual D-Graphics Card

I used to have [RTX1060+ QuadroD200] works fine in my ubuntu 18.04. These 2 seems having 2 different version of the driver. Recently I bought a new RTX3060 and relpace the RTX1060. This is what happens:

a. It doesn’t recognizie the RTX3060 first. Quadro is fine
b. I upgrade the Nvidia Driver from 436 to 495. Now the RTX3060 is fine. But it can not recognize the Quadro.
c. How to fix this? It appear the latest Nvidia Drive doesn’t support old Cards (Quadro is a bit old but it works pretty fine)


I don’t know what a Quadro D200 is, maybe a 2000D? Then it’s a Fermi based gpu and can’t be used together with an Ampere-based gpu like the 3060.
Fermi->legacy, max driver v390
3060->min driver v460

Yes, it is 2000D. Thanks for the info.

However, the sounds seems lost under unbuntu. But the windows fine? Any suggestions?

==EDIT : no idea why, I switched back to the different linux kernel which solved the problem.