Dual port FDR connectx-3 card

when we say dual port FDR VPI card, does it means both the ports parallely works @ 56Gbps and i can get aggregated BW 112 Gbps (ofcourse in theory). OR one port is redundant and both aggregates to 56Gbps even if each has max capability of 56Gbps

that’s correct.

X16 should give you better ability with both ports - the card can. it is what’s underneath it that is limiting us. :-)

What gadis said.

If for no other reason then PCIe3 x8 has a theoretical max bandwidth of about 56Gbps.

Using ConnectX-3 you can’t reach an aggregate BW of 2xFDR.

the two ports are consider as an high availability solution of one active and one standby.

You can reach the 2xFDR full BW by using Connect-IB.