Duplicate backlight adjustment entry on Lenovo Legion R7000P 2020H in hybrid graphics mode

Hello, I am now using manjaro with kernel 5.16 and NVIDIA driver 510. The laptop I am using (Lenovo Legion R700P 2020H) is similar to Lenovo Legion 5P 15ARH05H.
In hybrid graphics mode, I use integrated graphics card on AMD Ryzen 7 4800H and discrete GPU RTX 2060 mobile.

With nvidia driver 495, I have AMD GPU entry under /sys/class/backlight. After upgrade nvidia driver from 495 to 510, I got both nvidia_0 and amdgpu_bl1 under /sys/class/backlight. I can adjust backlight with amdgpu_bl1/brightness now, and nvidia entry is useless.

I now want to disable the nvidia backlight entry, as now KDE would only use the NVIDIA entry and ignored the AMD one. I tried using nvidia.NVreg_RegistryDwords=EnableBrightnessControl=0 as kernel parameter, but this was not work.

It seems that there is no suitable workaround on the Internet. A report from Archlinux forms seems shows the same problem, but I just do not want to downgrade my NVIDIA driver.

Sorry, I am unable to upload the nvidia bug report. The web page always inform me that there is an error.
I will try again later, I think there is some configuration error on web server.

Edit: I uploaded my bug report in this github gist.

does kernel parameter

Thanks for you reply.
Unfortunately, no. This would create two extra entry acpi_video0 and acpi_video1, and both of them are useless for me.