E-con camera support?

I am planning to buy e-con’s See3CAM_160 camera but not sure is it compatible with orin nano?

any comment? @dharmalingam.k

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hello vtugbakara,

you may check Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for list of cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.


See3CAM_160 is an autofocus USB camera. Please visit the below link to choose a perfect camera for your application or write to “camerasolutions@e-consystems.com” with your details requirement, our camera solution experts with assist you.

I already send an email but noone turns thats why I came here.

I will notify the appropriate person to contact you as soon as possible…

I actually trying to contact with someone who is responsible for e-con but neither anyone contact me via e-mail nor via phone, they just didn’t answer phone too. I will AGAIN send mail to decide whether is okay for my usecase or not before buying camera. I hope someone will return back to mail FINALLY. Also I want to create ticket but cite direct me to sigin page again and even if I signed in it never accepts and warns me about invalid mail or password but I can signin normal cite. I just don’t understand how is your cite working.

Please share your email address with me. I will check and notify the right person to contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you. I will notify the appropriate person to contact you as soon as possible.

None turned me thanks your awesome servis!

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