EDU Discount for Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit - how?


I’m planning to order 2 pcs of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development kit (64GB) for Ludovika University of Public Service ( Budapest, Hungary) as the end user. It’s a non-profit, public academic institution, so it should be eligible for NVIDIA’s educator discount.

Could you guys please help me how to purchase* with this academic discount? I’ve been contact with Arrow and Silicon Highway and had extensive conversation with them: neither of them knew about educational discounts on NVIDIA sets, hence neither of them was able to provide educational discounts, only the list prices.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @tivadar, sorry about that, we are working to re-enable the EDU discount with the distributors - hope it will be back online by the end of the month.

@dusty_nv thank you for your reply! is there a way to communicate this to either of them to be able to purchase this two sets with EDU discount? either SiliconHighway in Ireland, they can ship it anytime if they get a greenlight from you guys, or ARROW Hungary or Germany, I’ve been contact with all of them.

End of this month is a long time, especially as academic year is ending.

I’m sorry about the timing, yea realize ya’ll need this discount back online (and hope it’s sooner than that). We will communicate out to the distributors and community about the availability. When the website is back online, it will direct you to one of the distributors in the region that accepts the discount codes.

@dusty_nv thank you for your effort. what is the website I should be checking for this?

Is there any other way to purchase 2 pcs of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin for EDU? Directly from NVIDIA maybe?

@tivadar normally it would be through this link:

Will make an announcement here on the forums when it’s able to be purchased at the discounted rate again.

@dusty_nv hello agin, sorry about the prompt follow up: any news on this?

Also, I’ve been in contact with via email with one of your collegaue, Ustym Manko, Sales Development Specialist NVIDIA Corporation, who actually confirmed two times that the academic discount is still ongoing and live!

“Hi Tivadar,
Hope you are doing well. I’ve spoken to an Embedded team, and it is confirmed that there should be discounts on
Jestons for educational institutions.
Ustym Manko
Sales Development Specialist | NVIDIA Corporation”

When I replied with the conflicting info from you about this:

“Hi Tivadar,
Please feel free to leverage a confirmation you’ve received from me about the discounts as well as enhance them to double check with us on that topic.
If you will face any further issues with edu discounts, please reach back to me.
Ustym Manko
Sales Development Specialist | NVIDIA Corporation”

Can you please help me clear this up? Again, my goal is to order 2 pcs of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development kit (64GB) for Ludovika University of Public Service to Budapest, Hungary.

Thank you again!

@dusty_nv Hello! Any update on the NVIDIA Jetson EDU discount? I appreciate your help, thank you!

Sorry for the delay @tivadar, yes we hope the EDU discount will be available again worldwide around the end of this month. It is still not currently active, but it would then be back up on