eglSwapBuffers and eglClientWaitSyncKHR processing time

I’m using opengl es and egl on Jetson Xavier NX and Jetpack 4.6.3.
I checked the rendering performance of two video files.
These video files are mp4, 3840x2160p60 and H.264.
The difference between these video files is only bitrate.
But eglSwapBuffers and eglClientWaitSyncKHR processing time are different.
The case of high bitrate video files is longer than low bitrate video files.
I can’t understand why it cause.
What does affect the processing time of eglSwapBuffers and eglClientWaitSyncKHR ?
How can I reduce its time ?

Please check if you can apply a patch to


And run 00_video_decode sample to reproduce the issue. If you can reproduce it with the sample(or other sample), please share us the patch and steps so that we can try.

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