Embedded.fm Podcast — The Good Word about AI

This week, the folks from Embedded.fm had us on their show to chat about Jetson in the latest episode of their podcast. Among the topics we discussed were deep learning and computer vision in AI, NVIDIA GTC, and robotics. If you’re interested, give it a listen through the link below.


Hey Dusty,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m a subscriber to Embedded.FM and I listened to the podcast. I really enjoyed it and since I work in the field of robotics, the topics were very relevant to what I do. I had heard of the Jetson boards before, but I assumed that NVIDIA was just manufacturing the boards and the developers would be tasked with figuring out how to use it. I had no idea the amount of software, tutorials, and support that they had developed to try to make using it as painless as possible. Anyway, I just ordered a Jetson TX1 developer kit and I’m excited to go through the tutorials and learn about the different software packages that will take advantage of those CUDA cores.


  • An AI “convert”

Hi rangeli, welcome and thanks for joining us on the NVIDIA forums!
When you get your TX1, feel free to post any questions or issues you may have to the TX1 board.