Enabling OV5693 support in JetPack 4.6.0 (L4T 32.6.1)


I was following existing posts to enable MIPI without I2C (https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/jetson-agx-xavier-mipi-csi-2-without-i2c-from-fpga and references) based on ov5693 driver.
However, it looks like the device tree files (dtsi) do not get deployed during the kernel build, nor there is an overlay file (https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/did-the-jp5-0-come-with-a-drop-of-omnivision-ov5693-csi-devkit-sensor-driver-support).

Should I better rely on imx185 or imx274 drivers?
As their files are integrated into the pipeline more natively (also including jetson-io configuration).

In general, the sensor is very simple, has single mode of operation and 12-bit per pixel data type (monochrome).

Thanks :-),

You can reference to any of the reference sensor driver.
And I would suggest to remove all of any others sensor device tree only leave one sensor to avoid any of overlay cause the problem.

Great, thanks for the advice.
Just to clear-up regarding ov5693 support, will I have to enable dtsi and overlay deployment for it to work properly?

No, the overlay is for multiple sensor modules support.

Indeed, thanks, it works without the overlay :).

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