Enabling rootfs redundancy with an OTA

Hello, looking at the documentation for the OTA update process (image based) I can see that it mentions the possibility to perform an update of the entire partition layout

Could this be used to enable rootfs redundancy without reflashing or does that require other changes not possible with the OTA tools?

Hi lorenzo.ruffati,

Rootfs a/b is not supported with OTA update.

Please refer to the following thread for details.
Unified bootloader and rootfs A/B is enabled, disable Debian update - #6 by KevinFFF

You mean converting from non AB to AB is not supported through OTA or that you can’t perform any OTA if rootfs AB is enabled?


Actually, both should be unavailable use case.

I have checked the thread linked above and it only mentions debian updates. I am interested in replacing the entire rootfs (using an image based OTA), not updating through debian.

I don’t see how the root cause indicated in the thread applies to this case since we wouldn’t be performing the update through debian

Rootfs AB is also explicitly referred to in you documentation without mention of such a limitation, is this an error in the docs or am I missing something?


Sorry, I didn’t notice that you are using image based OTA.
It would support when rootfs_A/B is enabled in the base version.
And please noted that I will only update the non-current rootfs slot.

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