Encoder format of 10_camera_recording

Hi Folks,

What is format of output file as given by 10_camera_recording ? Is it h264 elementary stream ? Is there is a way to view this output by external mp4 or mkv players ? I have this situation where I am recording using mechanisms given (v4l2 based) in this example - but would like to play output in external players ? What converters should I use ?


Please use ffmpeg.

$ ./ffmpeg -i output.h264 -c copy a.mp4

Hi DaneLLL

THanks for helping out. Would it be possible to parse output.h264 (i.e. output generated by v4l2 based NvVideoEncoder) and find at what frame rate the elementary bitstream is getting created ? Any parsers out there for this ? Can ffmpeg find out ?


Please check timing info in VUI. I think both JM decoder and ffmpeg parse the information out.

Hi DaneLLL
Thanks. Can you please give the ffmpeg command to play h264 bitstream encoded by NvVideoEncoder ? I am unable to figure out from ‘man ffmepg’ or from ffmpeg command lines as found on web.


I modify the source to print following information and rebuild ffmpeg


Other users may share easier way of getting the information.