Encoding help on nano

I’ve been playing around with ffmpeg on windows to do mpeg-dash encoding (didn’t get it working) and HLS encoding (working) but now I want to move to the nano for this duty.

I can’t find an ffmpeg build that works and I’ve seen a few notes that there aren’t any. Further, it’s been suggested that ffmpeg is really a poor tool for the job and that I should be using gstreamer.

I am a complete novice at gstreamer and looking for some help to:

take an RTSP from a security camera or HTTP video stream from an HDHomerun and transcode it to multiple MPEG-DASH streams.

gstreamer is…well intimidating as I’ve never used it and all the examples I find seem to be for experienced people.

any help greatly appreciated.

Hi dandenson, please see the L4T Accelerated GStreamer User Guide for sample pipelines using the NVIDIA HW-accelerated components.

Some posts for your reference:

Thanks for the links. It looks like I may be out of luck on generating MPEG-DASH output on the nano. No FFMPEG build with hardware accell and gstreamer apears to have lost interest in dashsink.