Encoding JPEG images using MMAPI


We are running a DeepStream application on Jetson Nano. Can we use the L4T Multimedia API to encode JPEG images (with NvJPEGEncoder) in conjuction with the NvBufSurface objects that are used in DeepStream? Specifically, can we make use of the encodeFromFd() or encodeFromBuffer() functionality even though it accepts NvBuffer objects instead of NvBufSurface objects?

If not possible, what is the recommended way to achieve hardware-accelerated JPEG encoding in DeepStream?

NvBuffer and NvBufSurface are not compatible. AS of now using hardware JPEG encoding in DeepStream SDK is not supported. We will check to have this in future releases.

On Ds4.0.x, you would need to use OpenCV APIs. Please check the sample: