Encountering difficulties in capturing video through VI node on Jetson Xavier NX

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to seek assistance regarding an issue we are currently facing with the camera module on our Jetson Xavier NX device.

We have successfully loaded the camera module onto the Jetson Xavier NX, running the L4T 32.5 version of Jet-Pack 4.5. The node creation process went smoothly without any errors. However, we are encountering difficulties in receiving video through the created node.

To resolve this issue, we have already referred to a forum where we found another user experiencing the same error. Here is the link to the forum post: - Tegra channel error recovering on Xavier when capturing with v4l2

We have attempted to follow the suggested solutions provided in the forum but have not yet achieved success. We are reaching out to this community in the hopes that someone might have encountered a similar issue or possess knowledge about how to resolve it.

If anyone has any insights, suggestions, or possible solutions, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. Please feel free to share your thoughts, tips, or any relevant information that could help us troubleshoot and overcome this problem.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. We look forward to your valuable contributions.

The specific error we are encountering is shown in the following image:


Natesan S

hello Sivam_Natesan,

may I know which Jetpack release you’re using now?
please check the release tag, i.e. # cat /etc/nv_tegra_release for confirmation.

please see-also developer guide, Verifying the V4L2 Sensor Driver and Debugging Tips to review your driver implementation.

We use Jetpack 4.5

We are still looking for a solution. Do you have any suggestions for our issue?

as mentioned…

you may see-also Applications Using V4L2 IOCTL Directly by running V4L2 IOCTL to verify basic camera functionality.

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