Enhancements to the SDK examples

I’ve been experimenting with the CUDA 3.0 SDK on a GTX 480 GPU. I think there’s a broad range of examples, which are really good to get you started. I feel that there’s a couple of things that are missing:

  1. Image processing examples run in one window. Would have been nice if one window contained the input image, and another window contained the output image.
  2. A video processing example, rather than just image processing.

I don’t think your first example would help a lot. First of all, it’s not that hard to implement yourself and secondly, new users would either be forced to use the glut toolkit and if they would prefer another gui they have to write it themselves anyway.

For the second example, I believe you’re better of using the vdpau interface.


Thanks for your reply. Couple of things. Right now, the single window examples use GLUT as well, so new users have to use GLUT anyways. They could work with the one window example, or two window example.

About the second point, vdpau is for the Linux platform. What is the Windows alternative?

They don’t have to use GLUT, they can use any library they like. I believe they only chose glut because it’s very lightweight but it’s too limited for creating more advanced interfaces.

DxVA (DirectX Video Acceleration)


I am looking for someone that can help me using vdpau for decoding H264 data files. I am looking for an example program that shows the sequence of calls in order to decode the H264 file. Does anyone know this API?

I’m not familiar with vdpau, but have you looked at the CUDA Video Decoder API http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-samples/index.html#imaging in the CUDA samples? It can handle H.264, and provides a working example of decoding video on the GPU. Again, not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but it’s something to consider.