Error compiling CUDA samples with MS Visual Studio 2013

Followed the ‘getting started’ page

The precompiled executables are not included with the latest cuda7 download (I could not find deviceQuery ) .
However, all the sample files are present and in the correct directories.

I loaded the file, bandwidthTest_vs2013.sln, and went to build.
No issues identified.
I tried to debug and got a dialog that the build was out of date.
(What? I just built it?) I answered yse to the dialog and watched it build again. Then another dialog appearred.
“Unable to start program ‘…bandwidthTest.exe’
Unrecognized error occurred in the windows Web Services Framework.”

Any clue what this means??

I don’t have that problem. I did build the entire samples package. Then I went and loaded just the bandwidthTest_)vs2013.sln. Did a clean, build and run in the debugger and no dialog. I have seen this before in some other projects. I usually don’t worry about and move on.

Hope that helps.