Error in debug Window (Nvidia Nsight Eclipse)


I’m trying to debug a toy program using the debug mode on Nsight Eclipse. My installation is the following:

Ubuntu 16.04 + CUDA 8.0 RC + Nvidia Nsight Eclipse Edition 8.0 + Nvidia Driver (361.62) + GTX980

My error is kind of strange. While stepping the source code with the visual debug tool included in the Nsight, suddenly the image gets frozen. I cannot move to another program using Alt+Tab or another workspace using Ctrl + Alt + Arrows Keys, forcing me to reset my PC. It happens randomly sometimes it takes a few key strokes, others several.

Would you mind to indicate to me if it is a known issue and how to solved it? Have other users expirience it?

I will remain at your disposal in case you might need further information of the above bug.

Looking foward to your response.



I have to point out that software preemption debugging mode is activated. I saw that it is necessary for single-GPU environments, to avoid freeze X11 server. It is strange, maybe because it is in beta it doesn’t work correctly?

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