error LNK 1104: cannot open file 'cusparse.lib'

Hi all! I have been using CUDA 7.0 toolkit and cuSPARSE library functions such as cusparseCreate, cusparseSetMatType, etc. but when I compile the project, I get the following error:
“LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘cusparse.lib’”.
I have already included cudart.lib and cusparse.lib as additional dependencies to input in Linker section of the project properties. Also the project has been active on Win32 platform.

Please suggest ways to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

You need to add those libraries as additional dependencies. You also need to add the path to those libraries in the appropriate location.

To resolve this problem, study and/or re-use one of the existing CUDA sample projects that use cusparse.

You may also need to switch to a 64-bit project.

Thanks a lot! I switched the platform to 64-bit and it works fine.