Error message??


I get the warning message below when compling the make file in MM5(GRAPH).
I am using the pfg90 compliler with Fodora 12.

pgf90 -o graph.exe advec.o ageow.o bint.o calcnt.o cel2f.o cel2kel.o chkcyc.o chktimb.o clear.o clgen.o closdad.o cloudf.o conbd.o conrec.o couple.o crdrln.o crs2dot.o crsp.o crss.o crssold.o crswinds.o curv1.o curv2.o d3md2.o decoup.o deltatim.o date.o dewpoinp.o dewpoins.o dewpt.o diagprs.o diagsig.o diagskt.o diverg.o dot2crs.o drwstr.o drwvcn.o endmark.o equate.o esat.o ezcntr.o ezstrm.o fillit.o fillsp.o fillsp2.o from2by.o from2byc.o gdriver.o geopot.o geowindp.o geowinds.o getdat.o getgist.o getplanp.o getplans.o getppar.o getspar.o gnewpt.o goodtimz.o graph.o grndtmp.o hplot.o integrat.o kel2cel.o lagrange.o lenstr.o li.o lineg.o lis.o llxy.o llxyst.o m2ft.o map2met.o mapbkg.o mdiv.o medout.o minmax.o mps2kt.o mse.o msesp.o msess.o mxrat.o mxratprs.o nblank.o omegap.o omegas.o oned.o onhalf.o opendad.o os.o parsecmd.o parsetim.o prcph2o.o prestend.o prssurf.o psfcnh.o psimple.o pvp.o pvs.o qtorh.o qvectr.o rain.o rdinfo.o readdad.o reord.o scale.o scaler.o scalers.o seaprs.o seaprs2.o seaprs3.o sfcprs.o sig2prs.o skewt.o skipf.o skipinp.o skipr.o skwtbkg.o slw.o smther.o stgeti.o stimxy.o stline.o stmpta.o stmpxy.o stseti.o stuixy.o stumsl.o stumta.o stumxy.o thckns.o thetaep.o thetaes.o thetap.o thetas.o thtsurf.o tmr.o tsa.o tvirt.o undrgrn2.o undrgrnd.o velvcn.o vertstr.o vor.o vortabs.o w.o windspd.o wndbarb.o writdad.o xyll.o yx2xy.o calcp3d.o cloudbdy.o nhgeosig.o sfcbelow.o sum.o plots.o cvmgt.o hiresmap.o -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/X11/lib -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/include -lncarg -lncarg_gks -lncarg_c -lpng -lz -lgfortran -lX11 -L/linux86/lib -L/usr/bin -lf2c
/usr/bin/libf2c.a(endfile.o): In function t_runc': endfile.c:(.text+0x208): **warning: the use of tmpnam’ is dangerous, better use `mkstemp’**

I don’t have any clues…
Can anyone help me?
Any comment will greatly appreciate.


Hi happyez,

endfile.c:(.text+0x208): warning: the use of tmpnam' is dangerous, better use mkstemp’

This is a warning message indicating the the use of the function ‘tmpnam’ is dangerous (do a web search on the warning message for details).

What’s interesting is that the message seems to be coming from the linker in regards to a system library (libf2c.a). I don’t use Fedora 12 myself, but I’m guessing that the linker has been updated to look for these system symbols. Normally, you would only see this type of message from GCC.

It’s up to you on what to do. You can ignore the warning since it’s coming from a system library. You can try and find an updated libf2c.a library (or find the source and update it yourself), but since the f2c library is used for g77 compatibility, it may be difficult to find.

I would suggest simply removing “-lf2c” from the link since I don’t think it’s needed anymore. Granted I haven’t built MM5 for several years, so don’t know for sure. Though, if it links without undefined reference errors then you know it’s not needed.

Hope this helps,