Error on loading ros2_bridge extension through standalone python script

I am running ROS 2 Foxy with Ubuntu 20.04 and Isaac Sim 2022.2.0. When trying to run the moveit standalone python script, the simulator loads successfully until the ros2_bridge extension is loaded. At which point I receive the following error and the simulator terminates: [ERROR] [1678388989.647593453] [rcl]: Error getting RMW implementation identifier / RMW implementation not installed (expected identifier of 'rmw_fastrtps_cpp'), with error message 'failed to find shared library 'rmw_fastrtps_cpp', at /workspace/foxy_ws/src/rmw_implementation/rmw_implementation/src/functions.cpp:75', exiting with 1., at /workspace/foxy_ws/src/rcl/rcl/src/rcl/rmw_implementation_identifier_check.c:145.

I do not get this error when I load the ros2_bridge extension manually through the extension windows inside Isaac Sim. The command I am running is ./ standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.ros2_bridge/ from the isaac_sim-2022.2.0 root directory. I have made sure not to source ROS in the terminal and have confirmed that my RMW_IMPLEMENTATION and FASTRTPS_DEFAULT_PROFILES_FILE are set according to the tutorials.

Hi @oadonca , just want to confirm that the ROS installation/workspace is not being sourced before running the Python script. Do your ros topics show up when you run Isaac Sim with a ROS2 example (navigation)? (a ros2 topic list gives the active topics after you hit play in sim?) If the topics don’t show up, try going through UNSET_LD_LIBRARY_PATH and fastdds.xml steps in the ROS2 installation before running the Python Script again. If that does not help, please provide a repro with the exact steps so we can help.