Error on using Trbvh acceleration structure

Hello to all,
im using optix 3.8 and im trying to use the Trbvh acceleration structure for a triangleMesh but i have an error

Invalid vertex buffer size.Possible reasons: wrongly assumed flat triangle list because vertex_buffe_name  was specified correctly but index_buffer_name was not, primitive count offset was incorrect, stride was too large, or vertex buffer was too small [4391011]

I reduced the weight and height in case its taking too much space in the GPU but i still have the same problem.
I even downloaded the optix 3.9 version in case its not working for older versions but i still have the same error.

Any help?

thank you

Did you investigate that all possible reasons listed in that error message are properly handled?
Single step though your code inside the debugger and find the answers to the four different failure reasons:
Vertex buffer size correct? Index buffer needed and set correctly? Primitive count correct? Vertex stride correct?

Did it work with other acceleration structure builders except Trbvh?

Please always include at least the following system information when asking about OptiX problems:
OS version, installed GPU(s), display driver version, OptiX version (major.minor.stepping), CUDA toolkit version used to compile your PTX code.

I would recommend to read this before asking questions on a public developer forum: