Error propagation from devices to application level , PTX version 1.5

We are using the NVIDIA’s OpenCL conformant 1.0 SDK to develop an application. We are compiling the OpenCL code and getting the “.ptx” files as binaries ( different devices have different formats ). When we try to run the code we get an “CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES (-5)” error. Therefore there is a problem with device capabilities. How can we learn which property had caused the error ? Is there a possibility to propagate device specific error to the application level ?

Also we have seen that the ptx files are version 1.5. I think this compiler is in the works right now. We would like to get info for usage of registers, memory etc from the ptx file. Will this compiler be released soon ?

How healty it would be to convert version to 1.4 and compile and see ? ( We have done this but not sure about the results ).

Currently OpenCL compiler has no optimization so we would like to do it using the nvcc, is it possible using it and run compiled cubins ?