Error while using erf and erfc function

I am using CUDA fortran compiler on Visual studio 2008. I am getting following errors for the erf and erfc functions. Using intel compiler, I am able to compile the same cod with .f90
Error 1 Symbol, erfc, has not been explicitly declared Z:\fall2010\HPC\project\pgcsmoothcuda\pgcsmoothcuda\real.cuf
Error 2 Symbol, erf, has not been explicitly declared Z:\fall2010\HPC\project\pgcsmoothcuda\pgcsmoothcuda\self.cuf

Hi Kaustubh,

While erf and erfc are C99 functions and not part of Fortran, we have included these functions as part of our lib3f library. Though, you need to explicitly declare them before they are used.

From page 251 of the PGI Fortran Reference Manual

error functions
The functions erf and derf return the error function of x. erfc and derfc return 1.0-erf(x) and 1.0-derf(x),
real function erf(x)
real x
real function erfc(x)
real x
double precision function derf(x)
double precision x
double precision function derfc(x)
double precision x

Hope this helps,

Thanks. It works