Error with OpenCV on TX1


I have encountered this error message when I tried initialize openCV samples (xxxyyy.cpp) after installing openCV on my TX1.

Unable to stop the stream.: Device or resource busy
Unable to stop the stream.: Bad file descriptor
VIDIOC_STREAMON: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Unable to stop the stream.: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Is there any steps that I have done wrongly?

Environment setting
Jetson TX1
installed JetPack LT4 2.1
cmake OpenCV

Thank you.

Hi charlyn,

Thank you for reporting this issue, we’re investigating the error you mentioned above, and will update the status to you once we clarified it.


Any new on this? I have this error with two usb cameras which use the UVC driver (v4l). I have tested them on another Linux Ubuntu installation with standard opencv (sudo apt-get install opencv) and they both works…

I have also encountered this issue with OpenCV on TX1. Would be good to have a working v4l2 driver on the TX1 ASAP.

For additional reference - the same error occurs when trying to view the camera using VLC.

I’ve found the cameras to work through the default webcam viewer Cheese (perhaps this uses the Gstreamer pipeline directly?)


Actually, the OpenCV4Tegra is not well optimized to support camera on Jetson TX1 at present version to cause the video capturing (live streaming) problem.
We’re working this issue, and going to have an update version in coming release soon.

Instead of using OpenCV4Tegra, you could try to remove the exisitng Opencv4Tegra and install the common openCV 2.4 as geoffreyall did or to compile and install OpenCV 3.1.0 by referring the below thread:

This should work as temporary solution on your case.

Would be good to have a working v4l2 driver on the TX1 ASAP.
There will be some updates in coming release.



Thank you for the help. I am able to get my external webcam to work after following the steps to install OpenCV 3.1.0 in the link provided below:

May I know when would the updates for OpenCV4Tegra be released?

Would be good to have a working v4l2 driver on the TX1 ASAP.
There will be some updates in coming release.

Thank you.

I’m having the same problem. This can’t be that hard to fix!

If running the upstream opencv would do, why would we ever want to run opencv4tegra in the first place?

Actually, I don’t think there is much difference in performance between OpenCV4Tegra and a self-compiled OpenCV3.1 when you compile it in a ‘correct’ way (setting CMAKE variables ENABLE_VFPV3=ON and ENABLE_NEON=ON for using NEON SIMD extensions, also the cmake variable for OpenMP support to ON, enabling CUDA, etc…). Self-compiling OpenCV is not so difficult if you have knowledge in CMAKE.

I recompiled CV2.4.12.3 and it built right away. A couple of simple things I tried work, but it remains to be seen how well it’s using the Maxwell cores.

Thanks for the tip!


Can you share your CMAKE settings? Or did you use the default one ?