Example of using CUDA/Vulkan interop with VkImages?

I’ve been trying to do some work with the new Vulkan interop with CUDA 10 and I’m having a lot of difficulty understanding how to work with a VkImage. There’s a sample that uses a VkBuffer but nothing for images. I assume that cuGetMappedMipMappedArray() is intended for use when importing a VkImage, but this is not stated anywhere, nor are any of the requirements on how the VkImage needs to be set up documented. For example, it looks like the CUDA side is still directly manipulating linear memory even if the VkImage is tiled. But turning off tiling didn’t remove the distortion I see - might still be tiling artifacts, might be pitch/stride related - unclear.

So it would be extremely helpful to see some examples of how this is suppoed to be used.