Exhausted Lab time allocated for the course

I enrolled for the course Building RAG Agents with LLM. Wasn’t aware of the lab time limit to finish the course. I was so close to completing it. Is there a way to get an extension of time?

Hello and welcome to the forums!

I was able to grant you eight more hours. Let me know if you have any issues accessing the course.


Hey, @TomNVIDIA, The same issue with me as well. I was not aware of the time limit on lab time in the course-- Building RAG Agents with LLMs.Now, I am not able to access the evaluation assignment.

My email: img_2022067@iiitm.ac.in

Would it be possible to add some extra time to finish the course?

Hi @img_2022067,

I granted you eight more hours.


Hi- thanks for your help. I was only able to use a 4 hour session. Would be great if you can extend another 4 hour as well. If it’s not possible, I understand.

Hi @skafle,

Sure, please try now.

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