extension `GL_EXT_gpu_shader4' unsupported in fragment shader

Hi all,

I compiled the VTK 7on my Dell M4800 under debian Jessie.I am using a Quadro K2100M with proprietary drivers (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-352.79). When I try to use the renderer I get the following error

Executing vmtksurfaceviewer …
GL_Version: 2.1 Mesa 10.3.2
ERROR: In /usr/local/XThreeMesh/vmtk-build/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx, line 545
vtkOSOpenGLRenderWindow (0x2e3a3d0): GL version 2.1 with the gpu_shader4 extension is not supported by your graphics driver but is required for the new OpenGL rendering backend. Please update your OpenGL driver. If you are using Mesa please make sure you have version 10.6.5 or later and make sure your driver in Mesa supports OpenGL 3.2.

ERROR: In /usr/local/XThreeMesh/vmtk-build/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkShaderProgram.cxx, line 369
vtkShaderProgram (0x31fec60): 1: #version 120
2: #extension GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 : require
3: #define highp
4: #define mediump
5: #define lowp

ERROR: In /usr/local/XThreeMesh/vmtk-build/VTK/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkShaderProgram.cxx, line 370
vtkShaderProgram (0x31fec60): 0:2(12): error: extension `GL_EXT_gpu_shader4’ unsupported in fragment shader

I am not an expert of OpenGL, for me it is not clear if I can do something to fix it or I have to wait some Mesa update on my repositories.