Eye Browse is too bright & yellow


2023.2.5 Realtime RTX is super!
I found out that CC4 kevin with realtime sss skinshader looks better with
Sampled Direct Lightning Mode OFF

See here please:

The light is just a bit more realistic this way.
But the eye browse is too bright & yellow.
Can you help with this issue ?
I can share you the scene if you want…
In the video there is Light Rig by Cineshare extension in use, but they are just native OV lights and same yellow eye browse issue is happeing with just native rectangle & disk & sphere lights.

Native lights:

Just one “studio” dome hdri light, the Eye Browse -issue is gone but the feeling is way more flat & boring…

Pekka Varis

If you want to send me the scene I can take a look. It looks like everything is fine when you keep “direct light sampling” ON. Ideally this is supposed to be on anyway. Looking at it, is seems to be that the material applied to the eye browses has a high specular / glossy component that is over bright. You can clearly see that it only goes yellow in the areas of strong direct light. Try the same thing with materials off, and “White Mode” engaged. That will tell you if it is materials are something else.

But for now, if you cannot solve it, just leave Direct Light Sampling ON.

Oh, Richard you are correct!
I re-exported the latest Kevin CC4 from Character Creator 4.41 and in Composer 2023.2.5 it looks better with direct light sampling ON.

Check this out!!

The Eye reflections looks better when direct light sampling ON.
I love this! I gotta now go though the custiom realtime sss skinshader and
optimise it with the latest versions.


This case is continuing here:

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