Face recognisation deepstream

I am customizing DeepStream Test App 1 into a face recognition system. I have downloaded the Face Detection model from NGC and integrated the nvtracker plugin to track the detected faces. I am aware that FaceNet is required to extract the embeddings from the detected human faces. I need some guidance on how to link the nvtracker output to FaceNet for obtaining the face embeddings of the tracked faces. I plan to use this information to develop a custom plugin for the integration.
Thanks in Advance

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Could you refer to the demo: deepstream_faciallandmark_app.cpp?

  float square_size = MAX(obj_meta->rect_params.width,
  float center_x = obj_meta->rect_params.width/2.0 +
  float center_y = obj_meta->rect_params.height/2.0 +

  /*Check the border*/
  if(center_x < (square_size/2.0) || center_y < square_size/2.0 ||
      center_x + square_size/2.0 > frame_width ||
      center_y - square_size/2.0 > frame_height) {
          g_print("Keep the original bbox\n");
  } else {
      obj_meta->rect_params.left = center_x - square_size/2.0;
      obj_meta->rect_params.top = center_y - square_size/2.0;
      obj_meta->rect_params.width = square_size;
      obj_meta->rect_params.height = square_size;

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