Fail to install gst-python in deepstream6.1 docker

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Hi there
While I’m trying to use the latest deepstream docker, I fail to install gst-python inside the docker. After I exec the command ./ PYTHON=python3, it fails and report this:

checking for headers required to compile python extensions... found
checking for pygobject overrides directory... ${exec_prefix}/lib/python3.8/site-packages/gi/overrides
checking for GST... yes
configure: Using /usr/local/lib/gstreamer-1.0 as the plugin install location
checking for PYGOBJECT... yes
checking for libraries required to embed python... no
configure: error: Python libs not found. Windows requires Python modules to be explicitly linked to libpython.
  configure failed

I searched and it said it is because python 3.8 is no longer together with --embed. there are discussions about this 1 and 2.

btw, the 6.0.1 image with python 3.6 works fine on my pc.
appreciate if there is any advice.

Please use this,

Thanks for the quick reply, I solved this problem just now.
The root problem as I mentioned before, is python3.8is no longer linked to libpython. And the solution is to modify the acinclude.m4 file. I found it here.
I don’t try with single deepstream sdk, I do all my work using docker. I guess it is better to add this somewhere?

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