Failure to run SDK Manager from official docker image

I got the docker image to create an flash image. Note: Due to lack of a devkit I couldn’t flash it, so I don’t know if the flash image is valid and operational.

Here’s how I did it in Debian Buster

  1. On the development host (that is, NOT inside the docker container) install binfmt-support. It provides the kernel module binfmt_misc. If it doesn’t get loaded automatically, do so manually. Check it works by checking contents of directory /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc, it should contain something like jar python2.7 python3.7 register status.

  2. Run sdkmanager in the nvidia-supplied docker container using the command mentionied above. Applying the workaround presented above was not necessary.

If someones wondering how a kernel module on the development host can make things work inside a container, be advised that binaries inside the container are executed by the host kernel. There is no seperate kernel inside the container. If it is, it doesn’t get used. That’s the point of containerisation.