Fedora 27: NVIDIA driver using 50%(1GB) memory on boot

My Laptop is Dell XPS 15 9550 4K display with Nvidia optimus (GTX 960M 2GB DDR5).I’ve installed latest nvidia driver 387.34 (from both nvidia website and RPMFusion).Upon fresh start,i can see 50% VRAM usage every time.After browsing web in chrome for an hour,the VRAM usage goes around 90% and sits there.Also the enviroment becomes laggy and less reponsive.



UPDATE: links are updated.

Known bug in the 38X driver series, will be fixed in 390.

I’m having that problem.Is that related to that too?


Don’t know but unlikely. Vulkan is not affected by the memory management bug, only OpenGL. The logs you provided in your post didn’t contain any noticeable errors. Did you create them after reboot? If so, try to get some better logs by ssh’ing to your machine when the issue hits.

Thing is , it looks like it is causing a memory leak and because of that i can’t even enter tty to provide you these outputs. At least i recorded a video which shows how serious that hardlock is.


That’s why you should use ssh fro a different computer.
But you can also try this:
Press Alt+SysRq+K then switch to VT, if it doesn’t work,
press Alt+SysRq+R then switch to VT.

How can i use ssh from different computer?

I have an Lubuntu installed laptop with old Core2 Duo.

If that works and with your directions , i would like to try that.

Driver 390 beta is out.

Install openssh on both laptops (sudo apt install openssh), then start the ssh server on the affected laptop (sudo systemctl start sshd), on the second laptop login to first laptop (ssh @).
Then run your game until it crashes and see if the ssh connection is still alive. If not, try to re-establish it. If the connection works, run sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh

whats the link to download this driver?

UPDATE:Nevermind.I found the download link.in case anyone wondering,here it is: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/128743/en-us

Does the beta driver fix the memory issue?

i haven’t tried it yet.I disable nvidia card for good after having all these memory problems.