FFMpeg and Low Latency H264 Streaming

We are trying to create a low latency H264 HW encoding.
With the help of ffmpeg and h264_nvenc we are able to send the frame to VLC but we have aprox 2seconds on the streaming. Using a mpv video player with option --untimed, the streaming have aprx 100ms of delay. Do you know good ffmpeg string configuration for a real low latency streaming?

I wouldn’t be surprised if VLC is pre-buffering 2s, in order to better survive network issues during playback.

I don’t know that we have specific ffmpeg expertise here to answer that question – I’d think the ffmpeg forums WOULD have experts who know how to tune options.

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Thanks so much for the answer… after having check the code of the mpv and after having try other functionality, we reach aprox 200 ms for encoding and decoding video in H264. At least we have reach the same speed of mpv.


can you guide me with the steps to reduce the latency?