Find Eigenvector of matrix CUDA library?

I’m looking for a GPU library that can solve the general problem of finding eigenvector. The input is a matrix of any size (assume it fits in VRAM), and does not have any special properties. All mentions I found of cuSolver or similar says the matrix needs to be symmetric (like this Stackoverflow answer)

Is there any library that support this? If not, then why does such a common problem not have an open-source solution somewhere like BLAS? Is the general case too difficult?

Did you check Eigen ? Eigen: Linear algebra and decompositions

Oh, I forgot to mention that I use Armadillo. It already have the functions to find Eigenvector.

But I’m looking for a GPU library. I think the solver in Eigen still use CPU ?

It can be used with cuda according to the documentation.
But whether or not this includes the functions used for eigen vector computation I do not know. I have never used Eigen before.