Finding DriveOS 8.0.6 Deb packages


I have a Drive AGX Orin device which has these versions of cuda, trt and cudnn installed:

libnvinfer-bin                                  arm64        TensorRT binaries
libnvinfer-dispatch8                            arm64        TensorRT dispatch runtime library
libnvinfer-lean8                                arm64        TensorRT lean runtime library
libnvinfer-plugin8                              arm64        TensorRT plugin libraries
libnvinfer-vc-plugin8                           arm64        TensorRT vc-plugin library
libnvinfer8                                     arm64        TensorRT runtime libraries
python3-libnvinfer                              arm64        Python 3 bindings for TensorRT standard time
libcudnn8                                       arm64        cuDNN runtime libraries

I want to install the same packages on my ARM PC to have an environment as similar as possible to the Orin device. But I can’t find the same version of these packages among NVIDIA’s package lists. So far I’ve checked the entire list here and here but none of the debian packages exactly match the ones I have on my Drive AGX Orin device which has been flashed with DriveOS 8.0.6.

Dear @niloofar.zarif ,
We don’t have DRIVE OS package for ARM PC.

Thanks, some further questions:

  1. Is Drive OS SDK supposed to be installed on the target AGX device or on the host PC?
  2. Assuming we can install Drive OS SDK on the host PC, can we emulate running our application on the host and be sure once we run on the same application on Drive AGX it will run okay?
  3. Can drive OS SDK be only installed on X86 host PC? Or it can be installed on ARM PC too?
  4. What is included in this docker image?
    Does it already include emulator and Drive OS SDK? If I’m able to build and run my application while running this image on my host PC, can I be sure my application will run fine on target AGX device?

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