Flashing a Specific Partition

i add a emmc partition which named “APP_BK” on jetson nano board. i use the follow command to flash it separately:

sudo ./flash.sh -k APP-BK --image mini_rootfs.ext4 jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p2
it return:
*** Update [APP-BK] is not supported. ***

My question is “Can flash.sh flash self-defined emmc partition separately”?

hello jsmwb_2005,

am I understand correctly you’re having another APP partition for your customize system image?
there’s no APP-BK keyword in the script, you may also check the flash script file,
for example,

if [ "${target_partname}" != "" ]; then
        case ${target_partname} in
        APP) target_partfile="${localsysfile}"; ;;

please add your APP-BK options into the script file.
you may also search for the APP_TAG to revise the script file correctly.

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I get it,thank you very much!