For receive, how to setup a custom flow filter for a signature pattern in the rx packet data payload

Trying to test to see the performance of a custom filter of fixed size signature pattern in the rx packet data payload.

Currently thinking of using frrouting and the rte_flow api. Is this the right approach? And is there some example of setting up flow filter for pattern matching in the packet data itself. If so, is there some existing rx throughput data on BF3 when filtering for pattern in the rx payload data?

Are you referring to flow matching rules DPDK (rte_flow api) in correlation to measure the performance of BF3?

I am not clearly understanding what you are trying to implement.

I would like to suggest opening a support ticket by sending an email to Enterprise Support

Once the whole deployment is understood and we clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish, we can further check with our developer team.

Or maybe this post will be answered by another resource.

thanks for the response

Take a ethernet II, with TCP/IP. In the data payload, we have a signature pattern let’s say 8 bytes. Is there a way, with rte_flow_ api, to filter on this 8 byte pattern in the Data. Will this type of filtering be hw accelerated and fast?

Header - IP - TCP - Data (contain 8 byte signature pattern)- Footer (1.2 MB) (2.3 MB)