Format of OpenCL kernel

Hi all,

I’m trying the kernel ‘mad_test’ from chapter 5 of the ‘OpenCL in Action’ book and find that the
format of the kernel file seems to have an influence on success or failure of kernel compilation.

The following kernel works:

__kernel void mad_test(__global uint *resul)
uint a = 0x123456;
uint b = 0x112233;
uint c = 0x111111;

resul[0] = mad24(a, b, c);
resul[1] = mad_hi(a, b, c);

However, changing *resul to *result (only one more letter at the end) causes kernel compilation to
fail. Is this a know issue? Are there some known limitations with number of characters per line?
I’m using Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7 64-bit.

Many thanks!

If you use clCreateWithSource I’d guess that the char array that reads the sourcecode from file is probably too small. Try checking that.