Fortran 2003 : derived types with parameters


I am not sure that PGI Visual Fortran includes a full support of Fortran 2003.

I tried to compile following code :

type champ_vecteur (n,d,k)
	integer, kind :: k
	integer, len :: d, n
	real(kind=k), dimension(d,n) :: champ
end type champ_vecteur

and a syntax error was detected.

Is there a problem in my code ???

How is it possible to use derived types with parameters (kind and len) with PGI Visual Fortran ?

Thank you very much

I have read an other message (Jan 19, 2011) on PGI Forum about it.

As an answer, it was claimed that full Fortran 2003 features will be included in compiler quicly. However, it seems that almost 8 monthes later, it is not the case yet.

Full support of Fortran 2003 was a crucial motivation for me to choose one compiler or another. Clearly, PGI is not honest with customers.

Hi X_Frank,

We do apologize for the misunderstanding. Fortran 2003 features are being incrementally added throughout 2011 with the expectation that F2003 would be fully supported in PGI 2011. While most features were available in early releases, a few, such as parameterized derived types, will be available in September’s 11.9 release.

Best Regards,