pgi 2011 fortran full supports fortran 2003 ?

it seems the pgfortran does not support parameterized derived type.
but your pgi 2011 release notes said support this features. I have tried pgi 2011 visual fortran and fortran worksataion. neither of them support this feature. I am very confused on this issue.
module parametrized_derived_types

implicit none

type, public :: matrix(kind,m,n)
integer, kind :: kind=kind(0.0d0)
integer, len :: m,n
real(kind) :: element(m,n)
end type matrix
end module parametrized_derived_types

program test_type
use parametrized_derived_types
implicit none
type(matrix(kind(0.0d0),10,20) :: a


end program test_type s

Hi dumashu,

Almost all of the F2003 is support in the early releases of PGI 2011. A few features such as Final Procedures, Sourced allocation, Parameterized derived types, Deferred Type Parameters, and Recursive I/O will be added here shortly in a subsequent release of PGI 2011.



but I think you should talk about everything.

Would it be reasonable to provide a table of what is supported and what is not (see Gfortran wiki for example)? I am evaluating your 11.1 compiler and there is nothing more frustrating than having docs that are ahead of the implementation. I don’t really understand why you would claim full support when you don’t actually have it. When you do get there it is certainly cause for fanfare and celebration. Until then please be reasonably descriptive and as accurate as possible in your release notes. One thing I noticed as well is that your release notes link is different in the two places on your site: one links to outdated release notes (pgiwsrn.pdf), the other links to the compiler reference guide named to look like release notes (pgirn.pdf). The release notes in the tarball are sadly not descriptive enough when it comes to F2003 support to save the OP (apparently) and myself the wasted effort of “trying stuff out to see what works.” FWIW, I think you guys are doing incredible stuff and the fact you’re really close to full support is not too shabby in itself.