Frame generation in Unreal Engine 5.1?

As far as I can tell the plugins only enable super sampling but not frame generation. Of course the frame generation is a very juicy feature one would like to use but has anyone here manage to enable it? I saw the streamline (Streamline/ at main · NVIDIAGameWorks/Streamline · GitHub) github library but I don’t really know how to use that or if it’s even possible to use with UE.

Hi @androidsilvereye.

Correct, for now the Frame Generation part is only available as part of Streamline. Streamline has its own documentation on how to integrate it with any game engine, which means you would need to follow those instructions and use the deployed version of your game (or app) based on Unreal Engine as the starting point. You will not be able to (easily) use it during the normal UE workflow in the current form as you do with the dedicated Plugin.

Just be a little bit patient if you want the UE integration.


Ah, so I couldn’t for example use it to run the game from the editor? This is for work where we often want to be able to just start the game from the editor without having to build the game. So that does limit things quite a bit of course.

But sometimes we will build projects so frame gen is still interesting for select use cases. I couldn’t find the documentation on how to integrate Streamline with game engines though, could you link it?

I think you should be able to use Streamline just as any other API and/or DLL without the need to re-compile it on every run from Editor. Just as you don’t need to re-compile DirectX every time you run.

The documentation i was referring to is on Github and there is also a sample integration project to check out.

Ah, gotcha! I’ll look into that then!