Freezes with cudaStreamCreate

I’m trying to do parallel simultaneous inference for multiple networks using TensorRT.
I tried to realize it using cudaStream, but when I use the cudaStreamCreate function, it freezes when I enter that function.
It happens when cuda is implemented in the dll. It does not happen when cuda is implemented in exe without using dll


TensorRT Version :
GPU Type : RTX2070 or RTX2080
CUDA Version : v11.1
CUDNN Version : 8.1.1
Operating System + Version : Windows10 64bit

Can cudaStream be implemented in a dll?? Or do you need a special method?? teach me please.

Yes, you can implement CUDA in a DLL. When I do a search on “CUDA DLL” this is the first hit. There are many other resources and examples already, as well.

Thank you for Reply. I try to Search for “CUDA DLL” to find out more