FX3 "ERROR: unexpected command completion code 0x11."


i am working on an project consisting out of a Jetson Tegra TX2 and a Cypress FX3 USB 3 chip. On my Laptop (debian buster) every thing works fine. "hen i connect the fx3 over usb 3 to a jetson tegra tx2 i get following error in dmesg:

[256143.872836] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: ERROR:unexpected command completion code 0x11.
[256143.880712] xhci-tegra 3530000.xhci: xhci_reset_bandwidth called for udev ffffffc1bf5f5800
[256143.889126] usb 2-1.1.1: can’t set config

The tegra runs on ubuntu 16.04. L4T R28.2.0.

This only happens if i connect the fx3 to the usb 3 port.

Anyone an idea why this happens?

Sincerely Josef Sommerauer

Please double confirm if you use r28.2.0 or r28.2.1. We have removed r28.2.0 for TX2. If you stay on r28.2.0, please upgrade to r28.2.1 first.


we are currently using “R28 REVISION 2.0”. Our system i build on top of r28.2.0 so its not that easy to upgrade.

Did NVidia stop the support for R28.2.0?

I also tried R28.2.1 on a another jetson tegra TX2 and i got the some error.

Please check if below patch helps:

r28.2.1 is at K4.4 and for newer devices, it probably needs certain upstream patches. Please also check upstream code.

Please also check