G5 graphics card compatibility?

Hello Everyone,
I have a PowerMac G5 kicking around with a GeForce 7300 GT and I was wondering whether I could drop in a GTX285 or C1060? and have it work with drivers and things. Also I am not sure if i need a new power supply or not.

anyone have any tips or pointers?

CUDA is Intel mac only, I am afraid.

hmm its a intel dual xenon…

does that mean its a go?

A power mac G5 isn’t dual Xeon, it is dual PowerPC G5.

Even if you have a 1st gen woodcrest Mac Pro, the Mac GTX285 wont work, and no Tesla C1060 will work either. You might be able to find a mac 8800 that might work, but I am not sure about that either.

The best bet to develop for CUDA on Mac is an used Mac Mini GeForce 9400M or an used MacBook with GeForce 9400M, you could find a MacMini for less than 500$ easily, and it’s a great CUDA development computer with PINNED MAPPED MEMORY capability, and up to 35 GFlops GPU power.

To develop heavy kernels or to do some real work, I will for a refurbished GT130 or 8800GS 24" iMac, they are “affordable” (as much as an Apple computer might be), and offers 400+ GFlops GPU processing power and 512MB dedicated RAM.

Intel Mac Pro are not really interesting, and I will prefer to develop on an iMac or a Mac with GeForce 9400M and switch to Linux on a PC for an affordable workhorse!