Geforce 630M on Debian Buster does not detect HDMI external monitor

Hello! I have an ASUS N46VM laptop with GeForce 630M.
I installed the nvidia-legacy-390xx-driver package from buster-backports following the debian wiki tutorial. However, the HDMI port is not working.

The log from bug report is attached. Can someone help me?

nvidia-bug-report.log (991.8 KB)

After researching I solved it by adding the ConnectedMonitor option to my Screen Section in xorg.conf file.

Section "Screen"
    Identifier     "Screen0"
    Device         "Device0"
    Monitor        "Monitor0"
    DefaultDepth    24
    Option         "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0"

I was also facing overheating issues, then solved it by adding the Nvidia PowerMizer options in xorg, as shown here: