GeForce Now basic questions

  • Where is basic information on GeForce Now from the producer side?
  • How do you sign up to distribute a game?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do you test?
  • What platform does the game run on cloud side? The API documentation never says. Windows? Linux? How much memory? What CPU?

There’s no category here for GEForce Now. Does that mean the product is being phased out?

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Hi @nagle

GFN is supported on Github. I suggest reaching out to the GFN team here: More information can be found here: GeForce NOW Developer Platform | NVIDIA Developer

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Tried emailing No reply.

The “GeForce Now Developer Platform” page says nothing about the test or upload environment. It doesn’t even say what operating system uploaded games run upon.

Is GeForce Now a product that’s being phased out? Or one that cant be expanded because it’s a loss leader? In the last year, cloud gaming services Google Stadia and Vortex both shut down, so that’s a serious question.

Sorry no one has replied. I would also try GeForce Now Support: NVIDIA Customer Support Resources

Let me know how it goes for you.



NVIDIA Home > [Support Home Page] > [Knowledgebase Home Page] > Error

Welcome [[My Account]]( [Logout]

Permission Denied

You do not have permission to access this document.

That’s how it went when I tried live chat. That’s when logged in.

The support ticket page let me submit a ticket. So we’ll see if that gets a useful reply. Thanks.

That is strange, I was able to get to chat with my personal account.

Maybe your account has different permissions than mine does. NVidia lists my “Programs” as [Technology Access Group]. Do I need to sign up for something else? If I try to sign up for the NVidia Developer Program, I click the “Join the Program” button, it sends me back to the login page, I log in successfully, and I’m back at the NVidia Developer Program sign up page. So either I’m in already or the signup is broken.

Oh, I got a reply to my support ticket:

From the description, I understand that you need information on how to sign up for Developer test access to GeForce Now. If there has been any misunderstanding, please let me know.

I do understand that you did send an email to [] and there was no reply to the email.

Please request you to contacting [] as they are the ones who would assist you in registering your organization or game with the GeForce NOW Developer Portal.

And you can join the NVIDIA Developer Program from here :

Yes, they really told me to do the things I’d already done, and which they acknowledged I’d already done.

Hi @nagle

The account I used was not special, and I don’t have any programs associated with it. I tried sending an email to the address I had shared with you, and it bounced back. I am now looking for someone to help. Thanks for your patience while I dig in.


Any progress on this?

Hi John,

I am going to send you the email address of someone that can help you. Please check your private messages.